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User Interface

Open Cobalt's user interface is designed to make it simple to explore, create, communicate in, and link Open Cobalt virtual spaces.

Toolbar Menus

All interface functions can be accessed from the drop down menu running across the top left of the screen. Here's a brief description of each item:

  • Cobalt: Contains functions that apply globally to your experience as you use Cobalt.
  • People: Contains functions that help you manage your interactions with other users.
  • Space: Contains functions that allow you to create, edit, access, and share spaces.
  • Objects: Contains functions that allow you to import, create, and edit content.
  • View: Contains functions that allow you to change the way you see spaces from your individual vantage point.
  • Dev: Contains tools for developers.
  • Tools: Contains functions to help you work with, work in, and access information in your worlds.
  • Help: Offers access to help files that reside both on your hard drive and online.

Navigation Icons

By default, a set of arrows are displayed in lower right corner of the window that allow you to move your avatar. For more details see the section on Navigation.

Communication Icons

Open Cobalt also displays a set of on-screen icons that give you easy access to text chat, voice chat, and audio adjustment tools. For more details see the sections on Text Chat and Voice Chat.