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Open Cobalt provides 3 methods of controlling avatar movement.

Onscreen navigation icons

By default, navigation icons appear in the lower right corner of the Cobalt user interface. Clicking these arrows will move your avatar in the indicated directions.


The arrows that curl left (A) and right (D) turn (rotate) your avatar. The arrows that point straight left (Q) and right (E) sidestep your avatar.

WASDQE keyboard keys


  • W to move forward.
  • S to move backward.
  • A to turn (rotate) left.
  • D to turn (rotate) right.
  • Q to sidestep left.
  • E to sidestep right.

Arrow keyboard keys



  • Up Arrow to move forward.
  • Down Arrow to move backward.
  • Left Arrow to turn (rotate) left.
  • Right Arrow to turn (rotate) right.