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To start Cobalt follow the procedure that applies to your computer's operating system.
  1. Unzip the Cobalt zip file.
  2. Open the folder "opencobalt-<version>"  (for example: opencobalt-1.0alpha8).
  3. For Windows: Double-click the "Cobalt.bat" file.
    For Macs: Double click the blue Cobalt icon. If you don't see the blue icon look instead for a yellow icon with gear teeth
    For Linux: Double-click the "" file. A black screen will open.
  4. (Note: You may see a pop up window with the message "The latest official version of Open Cobalt is (1.0alpha6). Would you like to download it?" Just cancel this popup and proceed to the next step.)
  5. By default, the Open Cobalt 3D environment will automatically launch in a few seconds. If you have disabled the autostart functionality (this will be described elsewhere later) then follow the next step: Drag the blue Cobalt icon located in the lower left side of the screen toward the middle of the screen.