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Administrator Guide

Though Open Cobalt leverages peer-to-peer technology in supporting the basic interactions between people within virtual worlds, it is also able to leverage external services associated with institutional identity management, Jabber-based text chat and rendezvous, virtual desktop computing, etc.

The following links are intended for enterprise IT administrators who are interested in setting up external services for use by their community member's Open Cobalt clients:

Network Port Usage - Short list of network port usage for Admins who need to configure their firewalls to allow their users to access non-local services that may be used by Open Cobalt.

Xrfb Client-Server Setup - setup instructions for using Linux-based remote frame buffer protocol to enable Open Cobalt windows to establish virtual network computing  (VNC) sessions in-world.

Sever Configuration for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) - to enable publishing and discovering of Open Cobalt worlds through an LDAP directory.

XMPP-Jabber Server Configuration - to enable integration of Open Cobalt with various external text chat/messaging/rendezvous systems (Jabber, etc.).

Silo Name Cache Server Configuration - for the Silo key-value store web service.

Semi-Headed Client Configuration - for helping to ensure persistent Open Cobalt simulations - even when users are not there.