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Short-term goals: (we are currently working on:)
  • Useful chat facilities
  • Useful save and restore of space
  • Remote hosting of routers and servers
  • Rebasing Cobalt atop Squeak 4.2
  • Testing with the Cog VM
Mid-term goals: (we frequently discuss how to implement:)
  • Using http as an external asset source
  • Letting meshes be external assets
  • Embedding spaces inside one another
  • Seperating TeaTime as an independent library
  • Seperating OpenAL as an independent library
Long-term goals: (at least two contributors have expressed interest in developing:)
  • Using BitTorrent for asset distribution
  • Some form of Second Life support
  • Native support for interesting input devices
  • In-world scripting, perhaps starting with Brie or Scratch
  • Secure seperation of islands using Spoon
  • In-world building, starting with FreeCad, with some support for Second Life building
  • Realistic animated avatars
  • Collaborative programming tools, possibly using NewSpeak
  • Robust security?
  • Physics