The Open Cobalt project is a community-based effort to build, deploy, and demonstrate a new way of supporting deeply collaborative co-presence, and simulation-based discovery across a large scale network.  The vision is to enable researchers, educators, students, and others to interact within a widely distributed set of interlinked, public or private 3D virtual workspaces that can be richly provisioned with resources on demand.   These resources may include human experts, data repositories, computational processes, sensors, web resources and media, along with collaboration services and applications scripted within the workspace or projected into the workspace.  Through the Open Cobalt application, virtual world participants can access and collectively build a very large and rich network of secure and feature-rich interlinked virtual workspaces.

Open Cobalt Introduction

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The Open Cobalt project is coordinated by the Acting BDFL John Dougan, formerly the Architect/Techical Lead.

The Open Cobalt project was coordinated by the Virtual Worlds Group at Duke University.